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Current welfare policy doesn’t even allow India McShay to have a man in her house, much less marry one. But she and the other women mentioned in your article (“Opportunity Knocks,” 3/19) just might be materially better off and happier with the support of a good husband than a moralistic government program. Unfortunately, the men who might willingly and enthusiastically support McShay and her cohorts are underemployed, in prison, or dead from gang violence. Or they’re alive, well, and productive, but don’t see a net benefit from marriage.

If society focused some efforts on producing more marriageable men, and making marriage a more attractive option to them, a lot of people’s lives would improve. Maybe we’d solve a few other problems along the way. Of course feminists, career women, liberals, conservatives, the majority of social “scientists,” policymakers, and I’d presume most of the readers and writers of the Washington City Paper reject this idea immediately. Perhaps it is old-fashioned. And India McShay continues to sleep in the bed we’ve made for her.

National Coalition of Free Men

D.C. Chapter