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Folks, your article on the Washington Humane Society (“Heel Thyself,” 3/26) is well-written.

Too bad it is full of half-truths and inaccuracies. I would have expected more from my Washington City Paper. Did you ever think about mentioning that the Canadian humane society bidder had no assets, no employees, and no cash? Or that the city screwed up the procurement that resulted in this firm’s ranking as an acceptable bidder? What a joke. Or that it was the city—not the Washington Humane Society—that insisted on those myriad, stupid one-week contract extensions? How do you expect to retain staff when they know they could be laid off in a week, week after week after week? Does that make sense to you guys?

The city has been appalling in this mess, and you folks missed a great opportunity to expose the ineptness and liars that run the Department of Health and the procurement division of D.C. The senior managers handling this matter should be fired. You have not helped clarify any of the controversy with your misstatements. You should be ashamed.

Friendship Heights