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Under different circumstances, I probably would have enjoyed your whimsical look at various objects embedded in D.C.’s streets (Stuck on U,” 3/12). Instead, I was very nearly run down by a car (perhaps as a follow-up you could photograph bits of my cranium stuck in the asphalt) while madly flipping through your paper, looking for any confirmation, refutation, or comment on the infamous Toynbee Tiles. It’s a long story, but I can tell you that it involves an obscure British historian, Stanley Kubrick, and the resurrection of the dead on planet Jupiter. Sadly, that’s about all we know. Read more here: http://www.toynbee.net/.

There were apparently once 16 of these unexplained signs stuck into D.C.’s own sticky black stuff, and more than 130 seen around the world. Look, a bent fork stuck in the road is something we can wistfully imagine a future archaeologist puzzling over, but right now, I think your readers deserve to know just what the hell this crazy Toynbee shit is all about.

Adams Morgan