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Environmental prosecutions are rare in D.C., but the Super-Concrete Corp.’s Fort Totten mixing facility—#one of Washington’s few heavy industries—has given the pollution police something to do. On March 31, the company pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of violating the Clean Water Act. The charges were the result of nine days in June 2000, when Super-Concrete allegedly dumped toxic wastewater into storm drains, even after warnings from federal investigators that alkalinity levels were as much as 100,000 times too high. If a judge follows the recommended sentence—a $100,000 fine—it will be the largest monetary penalty slapped on a criminal polluter in the city in at least four years. Sheldon Krantz, an attorney for the company, says Super-Concrete has recently upgraded its water-treatment equipment. “I would say by the time everything is done, the facility will be well ahead of other concrete facilities,” he says. —David Morton