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Four weeks’ worth of letters on “Rhyme and Punishment” (1/23), three weeks and innumerous column inches worth on the Fugazi cover story (“In on the Killjoy,” 10/17/03), and scarcely a peep from readers on “Above It All” (4/9)? I was so looking forward to upwardly mobile city dwellers chiming in with collective apathy, or at least to a defensive letter from the berated D.C. organizations.

But there was nothing last week, a collective shrug, as if Sarah Godfrey had hit a very rusty nail on the head. The bashing of local hiphop or a has-been punk band got everybody’s Underoos in a bunch, but a critique on the quality of life in D.C. is a yawner? If it weren’t for Loose Lips and Parallel Universe, I would think that silence on civic issues is the Washington City Paper’s readers’ steelo.

Then again, maybe the City Paper should take a poll just to check that somebody actually reads those. I look forward to three weeks of letters about the truly paramount aspect of this

letter—my calling Fugazi “has-been.”

Silver Spring, Md.