For nearly 50 years, the official logo of the D.C. Department of Corrections featured the symbols of save-their-souls reformer zeal: a red torch, a machine cog (signifying the various prison industries located at the Lorton prison complex), two golden keys, and a Bible with cross-inscribed bookmark. But since Lorton was shut down a few years ago, the department hasn’t really been in the business of reforming anything—except maybe the troubled D.C. Jail. So after about a year of discussing designs and working with focus groups, the department unveiled a new logo on April 1. The resulting image wasn’t just modernized—it was scrubbed of any specific content: The emblem features a District map, a billowing District banner, and the Capitol dome. “We hold positions in the public trust,” says spokesperson Darryl Madden. “It’s important to tell our story and what we’re doing.” —David Morton