In Sarah Godfrey’s cover story “Above It All” (4/2), she cites the frequent and cherished transportation refuges of the urban dweller: bus, Metro, and walking. When these options do not quite work out in certain circumstances, says Godfrey, she is “faced with trips that aren’t worth negotiating the temporary use of a car for but are not quite manageable on mass transit.” Her solution in these cases is to take a taxi.

We would suggest another alternative: a car-sharing service such as Flexcar, which provides our members with hourly access to a fleet of vehicles parked at various locations throughout the D.C. area. Car-sharing exactly fills the niche that Godfrey has defined in her article. You don’t own a car? Your family shares a single car? You take Metro to work, but occasionally need a car while you’re there? Heading someplace just beyond the reach of Metro? Need to haul something? Try car-sharing.

Now there’s something Godfrey can sink her teeth into.

Manager of Operations