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In the stuff of stereotype, Will Fellows finds the architecture of archetype: Gay men, he insists, really are “inordinately drawn to being house restorers and antiquarians—or interior designers, florists, hair stylists, fashion designers, and so forth.” I’d say my friend John the auto mechanic—or Derek the medical-technology executive or other John the law clerk or other other John the soldier—might have a few words on the subject, but then Adam, who’s busy restoring an Eastern Shore colonial and joining the local historical society, would probably offer an ironic rejoinder. Fellows and a host of writers notable (Allan Gurganus, Mark Doty) and not-so (the deliciously named Cranford Sutton and Dana Duppler) examine domophilia and its (dis)contents in A Passion to Preserve: Gay Men as Keepers of Culture; pull up the floorboards of their premise and poke around the attic of aestheticism when Fellows speaks at 7 p.m. at Olsson’s Books & Records, 1307 19th St. NW. Free. (202) 785-1133. (Trey Graham)