After President Ronald Reagan’s death, members of the international community rushed to pay him tribute: In tony Kalorama, flags dropped to half-mast at the Algerian Embassy and at the French and Macedonian ambassadors’ residences. But one Old Glory, across the street from the French ambassador, stayed flying high: Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s. Though Rumsfeld’s flag isn’t on a pole (it’s on a short staff attached to his $3.35 million home), that doesn’t excuse him: Under protocol that dates to 1930, during periods of national mourning, flags that cannot be lowered to half-mast should display a black ribbon the length of the flag and as wide as one stripe, says Marty Justis, head of the American Legion’s Americanism and Children & Youth Division. Rummy’s flag sports no such ribbon. ”It’s a recommended practice and has been for many years,” Justis says. —Mike DeBonis