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In response to Marc Smith’s letter “Metro Rail” (The Mail, 6/11): I disagree with the assertion that Metro transit officers are racist or intentionally target blacks. While not refuting the incidents regarding the woman being handcuffed after taking her Tylenol, or the white travelers with the beer cups, I personally can’t classify these as “racist” incidents. One officer was doing his or her job, and others were not. Conversely, if the beer drinkers were black, I wonder if Smith would be equally incensed?

As an African-American male who travels the Metro system both in the District and the surrounding areas, I do not get “stares” or “glares,” nor am I “always under suspicion,” as Smith states. In actuality, I have observed more unruly behavior and misconduct by blacks on the system than from other races. In no way am I excusing the other races, but let’s state what is fact here.

Am I denying racism exists? No. Of course it exists, and I resent and detest its ugliness just as much as anyone else. I have been affected by it, as have most blacks. Nevertheless, the majority of us do not go around blaming white people for the problems of the black race or carry an eternal bitterness, but just try to live the best life we can, and see each other as human beings trying to make it in this crazy world.

Many of our own black people are pulling our communities into the muck, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Silver Spring, Md.