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In response to Stanley Davis’ “Couldn’t Possibly Be True” letter (The Mail, 6/18):

What is really “sad for our world” is that people like Davis exist. That is: people who are in such deep denial of their own race privilege and the anger and resentment the rest of us feel for them that they make believe our resistance is just a joke meant for their entertainment. If Davis wants more of this type of humor, all he need do is turn on the tube and watch Palestinians or Iraqis blow themselves to smithereens in their expressions of resistance against domination.

What’s really funny is to look around this city of ours, full of people who have survived centuries of oppression, and watch them treat the Stanley Davises of our society with dignity and respect instead of recrimination and disgust.

Unfortunately for Davis, Andrea Carter does exist. She is everywhere. The spirit of “Uppity Negress” exists in me and everyone else who has struggled to maintain his or her dignity in this oppressive system and has chosen to rage against the machine instead of conform. We all tool ourselves differently and use what we have. If Davis were wise, he’d be scared, not amused. As oblivious as he is, he won’t have the last laugh.

Columbia Heights