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In response to Egypt Brown’s letter (The Mail, 6/25) lambasting Stanley Davis’s response (The Mail, 6/18) to the “Uppity Negress” article (“Co-opt City,” 6/11), I have a few questions: Was Davis’ response a conscious attempt to belittle the principals that fuel Andrea Carter’s “Uppity Negress” creations, or does he really take the decidedly white cake by actually believing that the entire article was a joke?

Whose insidious and, in my opinion, irresponsible idea was it to entitle Brown’s letter “The Language of the Devil”? (Please save attributions such as this for George & Dick.) Everyone really needs to get a grip. Davis needs to be spanked. The editor who decided to attribute Brown’s appropriately angry response to the devil’s tongue needs to be spanked. Brown needs to take a deep breath and remember that stupid white guys have a tendency to become even whiter when they are reminded that those who are oppressed, can if pushed, be met with great unpleasantness. And Carter needs to hire some underutilized African-Americans to help her out with her burgeoning business so she can put her feet up.

Edmonds, Va.