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In her June 21 pan of the Kennedy Center’s Beehive: The 60s Musical Sensation, Washington Post reviewer Tricia Olszewski hammered the show’s “high-priced karaoke” feel as well as a “creepy” moment when two incarnations of Aretha Franklin sing a duet as they walk toward each other. Yet none of that bothered Beehive cast members as much as this line: “[T]he cast members don’t look a whole lot like the stars they’re aping.” Eight cast members responded with a letter to the author, saying, “To use the word ‘aping’ in your critique when this term has such a long history of racism attached was nothing short of appalling.” They also contacted the NAACP over the matter and are shopping for a written apology. Olszewski, who is also a contributor to the Washington City Paper, says she paused on the “aping” line briefly but dismissed the concern. “I just figured I was just being stupid,” she recalls. —Erik Wemple