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A friend mentioned to me that my name was in your paper; I would like to respond to how I was characterized in quotes by Manon Cleary (“Queen of Beverly Court,” 7/2).

It was sad to read them, and not simply for personal reasons. (Cleary and I lived together approximately five years in Beverly Court, four of those happy. Our relationship ended when I moved out, and we have not spoken since.)

To have my name printed in the way it was is not only incorrect but patently racist. Referring to someone as “Hispanic” without referring to a country of origin or cultural tradition is simply inflammatory hate speech with no purpose and does not belong in your publication. D.C.’s population of Salvadorans, Mexicans, Columbians, Guatemalans, and others do not benefit.

It is clear that Cleary will always be bitter about something; the myth of the nemesis pervades her past and consciousness.

The comments that the Washington City Paper preferred to print serve only to perpetuate pathos and do little to promote or encourage the artist within. It’s just poignantly sad how lonely people can make themselves, even while loved ones choose to remain.

San Francisco