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Since last December, eight large banners have hung near the B. Dalton Bookseller at Union Station’s northeast entrance. Sporting huge black-and-white photos, they celebrate historical events that occurred between the station’s 1908 completion and 1978 renovation. Among the featured historical achievements is Neil Armstrong’s first hop across the moon. But the date on that banner reads 1968, and Armstrong didn’t make “one giant leap for mankind” until 1969. “They aren’t exact dates,” says Lisa McClure, marketing director of LaSalle Investment Management, the corporation that oversees Union Station displays. “They simply highlight the things that happened since the building was up.”

A passing traveler isn’t at all surprised by the erroneous banner. “It shows what an illiterate society we’ve become,” he says. But McClure isn’t worried about the banner’s lack of factual accuracy. “It’s a conceptual thing,” she says. —Kelly Manion