Jim Morrison may have been fuller of shit poesy than any major rock artist except Patti Smith, but at least he had the good sense to croak in a bathtub at the top of his game—no lame reunion tour for the Lizard King. Unfortunately, Morrison didn’t reckon on the Joe Russos of the world, who know there’s always a buck to be made pretending to be other, more talented people. Russo eerily channels Morrison in the relentless Doors tribute band the Soft Parade, which likes to advertise its uncanny reproduction of an actual Doors show, right down to the “authentic hairstyles.” But though Russo may have Morrison’s look and “mute nostril agony” down pat, I’m betting he’s not going to show up shitfaced, mumble incoherently, or wave his dick around—that would piss off the paying customers. Then again, because pissing people off is what made Morrison such a punk pioneer in the first place, what exactly is this a tribute to? Break on through at 9 p.m. at the State Theatre, 220 North Washington St., Falls Church. $13. (703) 237-0300. (Mike Little)