Former Washington Teachers’ Union Treasurer James Baxter, who along with three colleagues was indicted last November for stealing $4.6 million from the union, seems to have two favorite numbers. According to the indictment, between 1995 and 2002, Baxter allegedly made $1.5 million worth of unauthorized credit-card purchases, and co-signed $500,000 in fraudulent checks. And last month, Baxter, who has a real-estate side business, filed a lawsuit against Home Depot for repeatedly flubbing the size and color of three kitchen cabinets that he ordered for a house he intended to sell. Citing breaches of contract, good faith, and fair dealing in his complaint, Baxter is asking for $500,000 per breach; in sum, $1.5 million. Baxter does not wish to comment, but his attorney, Lisa Jones, explains that the amount reflects the money Baxter lost because he wasn’t able to sell the house when he wanted to. “The market is different now,” she says.

—Bidisha Banerjee