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As they work to curb the city’s kiddie car-theft problem, District police may want to add one more location to their list of stolen-auto hot spots: the 1st District police station. On the afternoon of July 15, five juveniles slinked into the walled impound lot behind the 4th Street SW building. Watching the pack on surveillance video, about a dozen officers sprang from the station doors when the teens tried to start up an impounded motorcycle. According to Lt. Edward Butler, police arrested all five would-be thieves on a litany of counts: burglary, attempted auto theft, drug possession, and destruction of property. (They dropped the bike and busted a headlight while fleeing.) Butler, who corralled one of the teens during the parking-lot dash, says it was the second foiled attempt on the impound lot this month. “You’ve got to be borderline retarded to try [it],” he says. —Dave Jamieson