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In: Logan Circle

Residents Are Opposing: Washington Post employees

Because: They park their cars in a public alley at 15th and N Streets NW.

We Say: It’s research for a Sunday Source story on making gazpacho while parked illegally.

In: Thomas Circle

Residents Are Opposing: The light at 14th Street NW and Thomas Circle

Because: It doesn’t allow enough time for old folks to cross the street.

We Say: Time to break out the little-used orange light. And the peach light. And the mauve light…

In: Takoma, D.C.

Residents Are Opposing: Wild dogs

Because: They roam loose and bark fiercely.

We Say: Put little orange hats on them and you’ll have the cutest vigilantes ever.

In: Cleveland Park

Residents Are Opposing: The Supercuts salon on Connecticut Avenue

Because: There’s a line out the door even before it opens.

We Say: Can’t wait to see what’s in that next issue of Highlights.

In: Columbia Heights

Residents Are Opposing: Unlicensed block parties

Because: “Human nature does not like surprises.” [quote from a community meeting]

We Say: How does human nature feel about water balloons?

—Josh Levin