A certain lifestyle maven’s impending “hiatus” may be Elizabeth Mayhew’s big break. Mayhew is the style director of Real Simple magazine, which offers back-to-basics advice on food, entertainment, home, beauty, and fashion. So how might an expert help me clean my house in only two days? Time-saving step No. 1: “Leave the nastiest jobs to the pros.” No. 2: Ignore messes in your drawers and closets that no one can see. So far, I’m on board for wherever Mayhew is sailing. For my hardwood floors, however, I’m told I need a Hoover Floor Mate, which will run me 200 bucks. But not all of the magazine’s advice smells like product placement. For example, if you need to feed a passel of hungry kids, something called a “sandwich” can apparently be made from a variety of ingredients. My god, who knew? Pack your favorite sammich when Mayhew speaks at 7 p.m. in the Corcoran Gallery of Art’s Frances and Armand Hammer Auditorium, 500 17th St. NW. $15. (202) 639-1700. (Janet Hopf)