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Your article on Rabbi Henesch (“Choice Cut,” 7/30) fails to mention a crucial point. That is that many Jewish couples are choosing not to circumcise because we believe that it is genital mutilation, and God does not want us to harm our baby boys.

They claim that God commands Jews to circumcise. However, we look at the Al Qaida terrorists who justify Sept. 11 by stating that “Allah told us to kill all of the infidels” and dismiss them as lunatics because, obviously, God would not want 3,000 innocent people killed.

Why, then, do we not dismiss people who tell us that God wants us to mutilate our baby boys’ genitals? If they claimed that God wanted us to mutilate our little girl’s genitals as they do in Africa, not only would we dismiss them, but we would throw them in prison. Why do little boys’ genitals not get equal treatment under the law?

Three of the 613 mitzvot command us to not mark our bodies, not harm others, and leave this world with all of the organs with which we came.

It is time we started practicing those mitzvot and stop harming our sons.

Director, Jews Against Circumcision