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TO AUG. 28

“Fusion One” is small. It occupies a lone wall in Pyramid Atlantic’s upstairs exhibition space, and a viewer could take in the entire show with a single glance. But the 10 works on paper provide a reminder of the richness and complexity of pieces consistently generated in the studio’s artist-residency programs. The show’s emphasis is on the craft of making paper by hand, and Georgia Deal and Ellen Hill incorporate this process into their own oddball visual codes. Hill’s Blue Egg (pictured) is an irregular, buckling grid that recalls both Paul Klee’s Bauhaus color exercises and a fuzzy flannel shirt. Blocks of copper and pale slate form an uneasy cityscape, and crude symbols—zeros, pluses, a bright-orange figure indicating infinity—limp by, threading their way between these “buildings.” Deal’s Lucky Boy offers more concrete (and kitschy) signifiers: A pair of ghostly dice hover over a bowl crudely rendered in orange and blue and emitting a weak yellow-green halo; an adjacent palm tree dissipates into a blue crayon cloud. Also notable is a work from Ken Aptekar’s “RED, READ” series: Dad Is Showing Me How to Develop reproduces the lower left-hand corner of a painting in which a ship pitches about in a heaving sea. Text overlays it (“He explains the way to place the negative in the enlarger…it’s all up to me how big to make my pictures…”), and the entire image is uniformly tinted red, drawing a clever parallel between experiencing an unfamiliar work of art and watching an image emerge in dim darkroom light. The show is on view from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays and by appointment, to Saturday, Aug. 28, at Pyramid Atlantic, 8230 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring. Free. (301) 608-9101. (Jeffry Cudlin)