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Traveling at 88 miles per hour in a plutonium-charged, flux-capacitor-equipped DeLorean, seconds away from breaking the boundaries of the space-time continuum in a blinding flash of light and flame, one must wonder: What happens if there’s a tree or something at the exact time and place I materialize? The answer, of course, is You’re shit out of luck, bro. But that’s just one of the many questions raised by Robert Zemeckis’ 1985 classic Back to the Future—a film that boosted the musical career of Huey Lewis, and, to a lesser degree, redefined our very notions of the past, present, and future. Of course, the logistics of time travel are confusing enough without adding the multitude of secondary concerns commonly associated with ripping a hole in the fabric of space and time, such as If I screw my own mom in the back seat of her car during a school dance before I’m even born, does it still count as incest? Undoubtedly, your typical half-wit—lacking the proper understanding of quantum physics (and thus, in no position to make any judgments of scientific worth on the matter)—would immediately blurt out an objection along the lines of What kind of sick motherfucker would fuck, uh…their mother? But freeze-frame be damned if I don’t see a flash of consideration in the mischievous eyes of young Marty McFly when Mom takes off her jacket, revealing the bountiful bosom he was too young to remember enjoying the first time around. Perhaps Doc Brown explained something we missed? Discover the answers to these and other important scientific questions when you go Back to the Future at 8:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 21, as part of the Comcast Outdoor Film Festival at Strathmore Hall Arts Center, 10701 Rockville Pike, North Bethesda. Free. (301) 816-6958. (Matthew Borlik)