A cover story about fat cops (“Pounding the Pavement,” 8/20)? Will you ever write a story about D.C. police officers that is not insulting—to other journalists, to your readers, and to the officers? For a publication of the Washington City Paper’s age, history, and tradition, a cover story like this is also an insult to your own organization.

Come on, you are the city’s local weekly—aren’t there other features you could dig up and expose, as real journalists do? Or do you think that your readers are base enough to accept such a demeaning cover story? To judge by the majority of letters that I read in your letters page, your readers are angry and disgusted with such bashing. This topic warrants a comic strip or a City Desk piece, at most.

I almost didn’t turn to the article itself. I was so angry at seeing yet another cop-bashing story on your cover page. Then, upon skimming the piece, I found that the opening paragraphs introduce a worthy topic: Chief Charles Ramsey’s personal initiative to get healthy and to encourage his troops, as well. Still, the story’s visual treatment and subheadings reinforced that your writer was just a smartass in an opportunistic position to disrespect the police in front of a wide audience.

Well, your audience is getting smaller with each irresponsible, sophomoric article you print. I think well-investigated criticism has a place in journalism—but smartassed jabs do not.

16th Street Heights