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Pity Little Mac. The 17-year-old half-pint protagonist of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! didn’t stand a chance with me in control. With my hand-eye coordination roughly equivalent to that of an elk, I was lucky if I made it past Piston Honda. (See, elks don’t have hands… And Piston Honda? Dude was named for a car part and manufacturer?) But I really was at a loss when it came to the game’s final gauntlet of Mr. Sandman, Super Macho Man, and Iron Mike, who were twice my size. That’s why I feel for Baragon, the uncredited monster in Shusuke Kaneko’s 2001 film Godzilla, King Ghidorah, and Mothra: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack. A dinosaur who survived extinction, he did some work on the minor circuit of Japanese monster films in the ’60s, but at a paltry 275 tons, he couldn’t hold his own against the larger guys in rubber suits. He’s packed on 9,725 tons and grown 15 feet for this, his comeback fight, but I fear it’ll be in vain: At 197 feet and 30,000 tons, Godzilla’s the odds-on favorite. Watch the massacre when the Washington Psychotronic Film Society presents the film at 8 p.m. at Dr. Dremo’s Taphouse, 2001 Clarendon Blvd., Arlington. $2 (suggested donation). (202) 736-1732. (Chris Hagan)