Red, white, yellow, and black are the dominant colors on the cover of the recently issued 2004–2005 Northwest Washington community phone book. Indeed, no fewer than three Maryland flags (which feature the black-and-gold and red-and-white family crests of the first Lord Baltimore) have been superimposed on the D.C. phone book’s front cover. Customer-service representative Denise Berl, who works for Data National Inc., the Chantilly, Va.–based company that issues community phone books across the country, says that the Maryland flags were a production gaffe. “It was brought to our attention by our other callers, and we are going to make sure that future editions don’t repeat the mistake,” she says. But another employee is less apologetic. “I take it D.C. does have a flag, right?” asks Maryland-office sales manager Allan Schwartz. —Bidisha Banerjee