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Any fans of a possible D.C.-area Major League Baseball (MLB) team who visited MLB’s Web site this past week can’t be blamed for feeling extra hopeful. Posted on MLB.com as part of the site’s 2005 Season Ticket Sweepstakes was a graphic that posed a nondescript ballplayer in front of what looked like the familiar three stars and two bars of the D.C. flag. Jim Gallagher, a senior vice president with MLB Advanced Media—the folks responsible for the site’s content—insists that the image wasn’t meant as a harbinger. “We’re not trying to give anybody a message about anything,” he says. But Bill Hall, Baseball Committee chairman for the D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission, remains optimistic. “While Major League Baseball has not made a final decision about relocating the Montreal Expos,” he says, “we believe that the stars [will] continue to line up for Washington, D.C.” —Mike Kanin