When Green Party members turned out to cast their votes in last Tuesday’s primary, two were almost forced to commit voter fraud. According to Columbia Heights resident Alexander Hogan, an elderly poll-worker automatically gave him a Democratic Party voter card and ballot and insisted that he had the right card when he tried to argue with her. Hogan eventually got a Green Party card and ballot after appealing to other poll workers for help, but he—and another voter with a similar tale—are still steaming. “It is officially a crime to vote in another party’s primary,” he says. Board of Elections and Ethics spokesperson Bill O’Field insists that poll workers have been trained to recognize the Green Party. But Maya O’Conner, who is on the Green Party’s National Coordinating Committee isn’t so sure. “Basically, they’re disenfranchising our voters by giving them the wrong ballot. It depends on the voter to be well-informed, and that’s wrong,” she says. —Bidisha Banerjee