Yes, I demand excellent service from the Department of Motor Vehicles (“The Long and Whining Road,” 9/10). Yes, I expect positive attitudes from the employees. And I recently saw some of both during problem resolution. But there shouldn’t have been a problem to start with!

I saved the inspection receipt for my car in August 2003 showing it was good for two years. When I went to renew my registration in September 2004, the online system said renewal was not permitted because an inspection was required. After I called the 1001 Half Street SW facility and spoke to the “resolution office,” my record was updated (good response, positive help).

Then I found that the online renewal system would let me renew—but was trying to add on $25 for inspection. The inspection system and the renewal system don’t communicate!

I called the main line, waited 15 minutes, and finally got some assistance.

Finally, two days later, I went into the Georgetown branch and the attendant/cashier charged me for only registration renewal and residential parking, no inspection.

I don’t “demand excellent service from the DMV. At lunch time. On Friday. At the end of the month. Without the right paperwork.” I just want the computer systems to talk to each other so I can do it all online and we can all enjoy lunch!

Forest Hills