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The understocked, overcrowded Adams Morgan Safeway has a new problem: a faulty refrigeration system. Resident Ken Williams called the D.C. Bureau of Food, Drug, and Radiation Protection to investigate a freezer malfunction that spoiled the store’s stock of Lean Cuisines. “When I got home I noticed [the Lean Cuisine] was thawed out and soggy,” wrote Williams on an Internet discussion group. “I measured the temperature of the Safeway refrigerator with my own thermometer and it was 50 degrees.” Assistant manager Yucinto Cannon confirmed that a freezer went down on Sept. 21, but he stressed that it was an isolated incident. Health officials reported no widespread equipment failure, and Williams confirmed that the problem was fixed by week’s end: “By Friday the 24, the temperature was into the 20s, according to my own thermometer,” Williams says, though he noted that the freezer’s interior thermometer put the temperature at –1 degree. —Justin Peters