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When I first read your article on Barry (“The Latest Hurrah,” 9/17), it looked like a lot of Barry-bashing and I became angry and thought, How could you write this?

But I decided to read the article, and upon a closer look and seeing Marion Barry on TV on a few occasions, I felt sad and sorry for him. I just think he can’t quit, and I pray that if he is elected in November that the job does not kill him. But then again, Strom Thurmond ran for life, and he did more hateful and hurtful things than Barry—and he was never talked about the way you wrote about Barry.

Some of those people whom Barry helped to become rich should come together and give him a meaningful job. He should write a book. And it was implied that he needs the money; some of the rich whom he helped should come up with a meaningful job for a very tired warrior whose time has come and gone as far as being an elected official.

I have much respect for Marion Barry the man.