Harvey Korman and Tim Conway cracked each other up weekly for years on the Carol Burnett Show. When CBS announced a clip-job celebration of the program, I smugly mocked the notion: Who today could possibly care? Even during the show’s heyday, 1967 through 1978, the show trafficked in the easy-target, no-offense-meant humor that made equally safe but so-called “relevant” shows like All in the Family possible. But the rehash was a ratings bonanza. And so Korman and Conway are “Together Again,” reprising the undeniable chemistry that made them a kind of ’70s Laurel and Hardy. And I must confess, I think the time has come for the kinder, gentler humor at which K&C excel. Maybe Dorf will appear at 6 and 8:30 p.m. at the Warner Theatre, 13th and E Sts. NW. $39.50–$67.50. (DN)