Akin to the old-timers they tend to dress like, modern traditional folk artists travel far and wide to find their audiences. And so Curtis & Loretta have ventured all the way from Minneapolis to play a barbecue joint in Rockville. But before you either snicker or shed a tear, consider that the following week, the pair is booked at another joint, called the United Nations, where they will play their song “The Angel of Bergen-Belsen”—a tune inspired by a Holocaust survivor the husband-and-wife team met in Florida—at the Jane Addams Peace and Justice Awards. And besides, the duo, who have themselves won a few awards, have recorded six albums together, the latest being Sit Down Beside Me, a collection of trad tunes from the British Isles. Hail John Barleycorn when C&L play with Artisan at 8 p.m. at O’Brien’s Barbecue, 387 E. Gude Drive, Rockville. $18. (301) 984-1897. (DN)