Do you remember the “slam books” we all wrote nasty things in while we were in junior high? Well, that is what “The Hunger Artists” (9/7) by John Metcalfe reminded me of. It was a nasty article with no redeeming value about two delightful, caring, albeit different, people who, by the way, belong to Mensa.

Keren Coxe and Alex Belinfante do eat at art openings. Keren and Alex also buy art! Lots of art. In fairness, they also own a lot of my art. And Virginia Daley has it right when she says that “if they skip your opening, you are a failure.” The gallerists who have been “duped” have never taken the time to talk with Keren, Alex, and their entourage. If they had, they would know, as my father used to say, “Never judge a book by its cover.” It is amazing how many artists Keren and Alex have encouraged and supported.

As for their fabulous house: Grow up, Metcalfe! Not all houses are conservative brick structures that lack personality. Dickson Carroll is a fantastic artist and architect who does not need my support for his career. He does just fine, thank you.

And finally, I sincerely doubt that any gallery owners are going to go out of business because Alex and Keren eat at their tables. On the contrary, they might sell some art.

Churchton, Md.