One might worry that a low-budget film about a bunny-smashing recluse, a corpse-fucking anti-socialite, and a foul-mouthed monster who join together to form the world’s worst punk band might be without many redeeming qualities, but—well, they’d be right, actually. With Benny, Marty, and Jerkbeast, independent filmmakers Brady Hall and Calvin Reeder, however, are betting that the 14-year-old boy inside us all is alive and well—and still doesn’t know what production values are. Doing just about everything it can to achieve a level of political incorrectness not seen since Lloyd Kaufman’s heyday, Jerkbeast could be graciously described as “post-Troma.” But if you haven’t yet evolved to appreciate the ironic artistic merit of an endless stream of piss and shit jokes, perhaps you can first cut your teeth on The Toxic Avenger. Bring a bucket when the Washington Psychotronic Film Society screens the film at 8 p.m. at Dr. Dremo’s Taphouse, 2001 Clarendon Blvd., Arlington. $2 (suggested donation). (202) 736-1732. (Matthew Borlik)