For many District Republicans, a bumper sticker is enough. If they’re really gung-ho, they might opt for a lawn sign. But in open displays of Bush love, no one beats the resident of 2860 Woodland Drive NW—Sen. Bill Frist of Tennessee. The Senate majority leader has turned a long hedge fronting his house into a presidential billboard: “Bush-Cheney” is painted in 5-foot-high white letters right onto the foliage. The sign stretches about 100 feet across, and only a professional could have achieved that perfect bold lettering. Last month, soon after the sign appeared, someone defaced it by painting a red circle and slash of dissent, reports David Brockway, who lives a few doors away. But the contrarian commentary was quickly trimmed away. A Democrat, Brockway is diplomatic about Frist’s topiary tastes. “I thought it was clever, a little sign of life in the community,” he says. —David Morton