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Recently I learned that an article had appeared in your newspaper concerning Keren Coxe and Alex Belinfante, supporters of the local gallery scene (“The Hunger Artists,” 9/17). I understand that it was a vicious attack against this couple.

I am horrified at the nature of the article about two people who have been a part of the scene for many years. Keren Coxe worked for me as a model for 15 years when I was teaching at NOVA. Modeling is extremely hard work, and Keren was a pro, dependable and steady. May I add that she has a master’s degree in mathematics, as well. She and Alex collect art and are supporters of local artists—which is more than I can say of your paper. They attend art receptions and seriously love art. If they indulge in wine and food, so what? They kept to themselves and bothered no one.

Again, I am outraged about this yellow journalism, this undeserved personal attack on innocent people, and also at Lenny Campello (The Mail, 9/24) for supporting this disgusting article. The dealers do not know these people as I do.

I noticed that the couple were not at my last opening—which I regretted—undoubtedly because of your article. Please print this—I want them to know that they are a valued part of the art scene and do have friends. Several of my artist colleagues are equally outraged.

I expect better of your newspaper.

McLean, Va.