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In the summer of 1994, I discovered legendary bassist Mike Watt splayed out in a patio chair outside of some Los Angeles club. It was hard to tell who he was at first, since his face was obscured by a full beard and he was wearing a gas-station attendant uniform. But he could still carry on a conversation, albeit one that ebbed and flowed, eventually anchoring at one of his favorite destinations—Ulysses. And Watt has taken Joyce’s notion of chronicling the internal life of a town and its people to heart: He wrote a song cycle about his beloved San Pedro. Now he’s written another, this time about his 2000 ordeal with an internal abscess in his perineum. The Second Man’s Middle Stand is an internal-organ blues affair that finds his bass tugboatin’ through such songs as “Bursted Man,” and my fave, “Pissbags and Tubing,” in which Watt warbles inspirationally between singers shouting “Pissbags and tubing!” Gross. But it’s just what the man does. Watt plays with the Comas and the Nuclears at 9:30 p.m. on the Black Cat’s Mainstage, 1811 14th St. NW. $10. (202) 667-7960. (Jason Cherkis)