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“Baseball at the Trough”

Oh, What a nightmare

from which I just awoke!

I paid 30 bucks to see it

and five more to sip a Coke

Plus ten for a souvenir

leaving 8 to buy a beer

Wish it were a dream

No. Baseball’s coming here

First we must build it

so all the fans may come

to the shores of Anacostia

Otherwise, a slum

A temple for a game

where grown men hit and slide

jewelry sparkling, steroids pumping

Look…the vane and brute are tied!

Half a billion for a stadium

is the mayor’s fastest pitch

An anti-trust curveball

guaranteed to keep them rich

Oh, Montreal may miss you

despite their empty seats

but the Capitol is where you belong

where spenders are athletes

Though the play may be on the field

when the bleachers cry and shout

The action’s in the skybox

where lobbyists pig out

Twisting arms with tickets

suckling at the trough

A grand slam of secret government

Democracy: a pick-off!

So what to call these former Expos

to face the Yankees of New York?

Why not just admit the travesty?

How about “The Pork?”

Capitol Hill