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It’s hard to even know where to start, regarding Austin Porter’s letter (The Mail, 11/12). That such disgusting bile would spew forth from a man whose side won the election would almost be comical were it not so sad. This is the party of God and America? I wonder what god Porter refers to? Surely no Christian, Muslim, or Jewish god would support the needless slaughter of thousands upon thousands of Iraqi civilians, just as surely as no patriotic American would ever wish “their hatred be returned ten times” by those who disagreed with his views.

The pundits are right: This election did come down to the question of moral values. But if hatred, intolerance, and the orgiastic love of murder are the values of Porter and his ilk, I want no part in it. As for his prayer that “George Bush enacts policies that mercilessly punish Washington, D.C.,” rest assured, with four more years of unchecked power at his disposal, Bush is sure to “punish” us all.

Alexandria, Va.