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It is Monday night, and do you know where your life has gone? To some, the dogs. To others, reality and then it’s “that game.” Like it or not, America, there are those who spend their lives seeking fame and fortune in some of the strongest ways. I ain’t mad at them, but I have to stop and wonder how long will it take for them to grow up and wake up to the reality of being a man and a woman in the r-e-a-l w-o-r-l-d.

How long will it take for young men like “Big Game” James Lowe (“Balling for Dollars,” 11/12) to realize that the game of chance won’t last forever and a day? There are far too many young people seeking instant gratification from things in life that they should go out and work hard for. And it would help if they would put a little more effort and elbow grease in the process.

The game in question is addictive, and such addiction does not guarantee success or financial stability. Never does it make sense to screw up a potential career and an education for something full-time and only receive sporadic spending change. It don’t take much to figure that one out—just do the math.

Besides, where is Plan B? Because, like many games, the trends and fads of today will be gone tomorrow. The question is, Will Lowe be ready to meet the career challenges and hardships that may blow his way?