I was surprised to see in the Nov. 19 edition that the editors of the Washington City Paper support hate speech. The hate speech was contained in a political cartoon by Ted Rall in which he depicts Republicans, as, among other things, KKK members wanting to shoot people.

Rall’s depiction is based on his own prejudices, stereotypes, and hate, not fact. For instance, the highest elected member of Congress with a KKK résumé is Robert Byrd, the senator from West Virginia, a Democrat. Sen. Byrd is fully supported by Democrats as seen by the leadership positions he has held in his party.

The editors of the City Paper might say that by printing Rall’s cartoon they are supporting free speech. But it hard for me to imagine that the City Paper would print a cartoon that suggests that all African-Americans or homosexuals want to go out and kill people. If they did, there would be outrage from your readers, including myself, because the facts would not support such a cartoon.

The City Paper must have more creative and better products available to them than the garbage put out by Rall. I suggest your editors become more objective, find those products, and not buy into the hate of others.

Silver Spring, Md.