Incident No. 359

Concealment of Deadly Weapon

Simon Elementary School

Oct. 12, 8:30 a.m.

A female parent informed the Dean of Students that a male student was chasing another male student with a sharp object. The Dean of Students confiscated a can opener from the student and turned it over to the Principal. The student’s parents were notified. The student [was] suspended for 3 days.

Incident No. 115

Simple Assault

Kelly Miller Junior High School

Sept. 16, 1:15 p.m.

A male student reported to an Administrative Assistant in the main office that while in the gym during lunch, a male student struck him in his private part, then ran off. Two [other] male students said that they witnessed the incident and stated that this is a game called “meat shot” and that everyone plays the game. The student stated that he wasn’t in on playing the game. The student complained of soreness. His parents were notified, responded to the school and picked him up. The parent [of the student who struck him] to be notified. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) not notified. Administrative action pending.

Incident No. 312

Improper Conduct

Hart Junior High School

Oct. 1, 12:35 p.m.

A female student lost her notebook. The student later discovered that a female teacher had recovered the notebook. The student informed the teacher that the notebook belonged to her. The teacher asked the student, “How bad do you want the notebook?” The student replied, “I need my notebook.” The teacher replied, “If you want the notebook, give me a dollar.” The student replied, “I don’t have a dollar on me, I’ll have to go to my locker.” The teacher then wrote a hall pass for the student. The student walked to her locker and removed a dollar from her locker. The student walked back to the classroom and gave the teacher the dollar for her notebook. The teacher then turned the notebook over to [the student]. The student’s mother responded on October 3, 2004. A Watkin’s Investigator is requested. Administrative action pending.

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