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We’d like to call to your attention what were clearly a few mistakes in “The CP 2004 Top 20” music-review piece (12/24/04). No. 13—A Ghost Is Born, by Wilco, and No. 20—The Dirty South, by the Drive by Truckers, are CDs we’ve heard of. Imagine our delight—we could hardly wait to go to the Black Cat to flaunt our knowledge of these critically acclaimed indie albums with cool hipsters over PBRs! But a few excited phone calls quickly killed our buzz—five of our friends also had this year’s Wilco CD, and one saw the Truckers play in Towson.

At the same time, we commend the writers’ ability to reinforce that this list is in no way intended for mainstream consumption. Lines such as “This recorder-and-drums trio needed only a few months to rewrite…the book on avant minimalism” and “Sure, it was made by displaced tribespeople from the southern Sahara…” helped your cause.

Which is why we found the Wilco/Drive By Truckers gaffe worthy of your attention. Surely there was a pre-progressive, postpunk industrial LP cut from a didgeridoo-and-tambourine outfit in Oslo you could have included in their stead?

Better luck next year.

Doug Davala, Corina Quinn

Adams Morgan