On Jan. 20, the morning after the Black Tie and Boots Inaugural Ball at the Wardman Park Marriott, Woodley Park resident Lisa Mitiguy was dismayed to find party detritus littering Woodley Road. But it wasn’t the Miller Light bottles and boutonnieres that gave her pause—it was the shotgun shells. “It looked like 12-gauge shotgun shells were given empty as mementos,” says Mitiguy. “To me, this embodied what this White House stands for in its approach to policy, violence, and breaking laws.” Bill Shute, immediate past president of the Texas State Society, which organized the ball, says he was unaware of any shotgun shells at the fête, though he doesn’t completely rule out their presence. “There were a lot of decorative centerpieces,” he says. “They could have been included in a Western-style, Texas motif.”

—Constantine Caloudas