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In early January, the Maryland State Highway Commission placed two signs on 16th Street and Colesville Road proclaiming “Welcome to Silver Spring.” Since then, the signs have sparked a border war with residents of Shepherd Park, who complain that the oversized signs are particularly misleading when drivers are entering D.C. from Maryland. Shepherd Park resident Beth Allaben says, “If you’re going into D.C., the sign reads ‘Welcome to Silver Spring.’ [This is] just confusing.” After receiving “too many [complaints] to name” from his constituents, D.C. Councilmember Adrian Fenty joined the fray, penning a letter to Silver Spring’s enterprise-zone administrator, Mel Tull, suggesting the signs be reversed. Tull, who chose the signs’ locations with the Highway Commission, says that some kind of resolution will be made in the future: “I don’t want to start a war over a welcome sign.”

—Constantine Caloudas