Your edition two weeks ago contained a very informative article called “Grass ’n’ Go” (1/21). I read it twice and was thankful that this issue of selling articles that are supposed to be the tools of the trade for drug users is unacceptable within our neighborhoods—east of the river. This not only hurts but also stigmatizes the communities that these lighters, rolling papers, and so on are sold in.

What angered me the most was the fact that no one pointed out that there used to be a head shop not far from Dupont Circle. Today, the closest head shop to the white side of town is located in Georgetown. I ventured in there over the summer looking for a Bruce Lee video or two. Little did I know that this establishment sold not only pipes and pipe tobacco, but also every type of brand of cigarette paper, pipe, and bong known to man. There was not one tool used to light up missing from this store. To say the least, I was shocked.

My last gripe has to do with the cover of the issue. The image of Jimi Hendrix was used as a reminder of who the drug addicts are. That has to be the most tasteless stunt I have ever seen. I do not take it kindly for your small-time paper to portray African-Americans as the only drug users in the city. I invite you to get a few of Jimi’s live performances and be the judge for yourselves. There was absolutely no parallel in the article and the image of Hendrix on the front cover.

Grow up and stop putting us folk east of the river down.

Washington Highlands