Claudia Quintet leader, composer, and drummer John Hollenbeck claims that his New York–based alt-jazz group appeals to the booty and brain in equal measure. And, even though Claudia’s second and most recent full-length, 2004’s I, Claudia, ain’t exactly crunk, it is indeed heavily rhythmic. Aside from clarinetist/saxophonist Chris Speed (who also leads his own bands Pachora and Yeah, No), the drummer-fronted Claudia is pretty much all rhythm section: The rest of the group’s instrumentation consists of vibes, bass, and accordion (played by Matt Moran, Drew Gress, and Ted Reichman, respectively). Speed even eschews the traditional horn-playing role, often opting for melodic riffs over trot-out-the-chops soloing. On I, Claudia, especially, all of this groovecentricity manifests itself in a post-everything mash-up of cool jazz, street funk, and minimalist-classical that ends up sounding less like jazz qua jazz than future-now rock. Claudia Quintet plays at 10 p.m. at Sangha Cafe & Marketplace, 7014 Westmoreland Ave., Takoma Park. $10. (301) 891-3214. (Brent Burton)