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Recent Washington Post reality-journalism subject Frank Connell has plenty to be angry about. On Dec. 5, 2004, the Washington Post Magazine ended Connell’s starring role in its “Adventures” series and, on Jan. 28, the Red Bean, his Mount Pleasant restaurant, closed for good. So maybe pent-up stress is to blame for a 184-word tirade Connell posted on the mtpleasant.org Internet forum on Jan. 20. In it, Connell lambasted a poster, “flydhest,” who had called the Bean’s food “overpriced” and its beignets “dense doughy lump[s].” Though 11 days later he implied that the rant was intended as a joke, Connell’s language seemed to indicate otherwise. Calling the critic “a complete and total jerk,” the former restaurateur suggested that he’d like to “smack [him] in the mouth and break all of [his] fingers.” Like any good cook, Connell, who did not respond to requests for an interview, saved his best for last: “Please stay home. Cook for your damn self. Choke on a chicken bone for all I care. I’m a nice guy until some dumbass ires me like you have.”

—Mike Kanin