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Hand-washing instructions from the bathroom at Cold Stone Creamery in Cleveland Park:

“Prestep: dispense sanitized paper towel

1….Let the water run until it is 110 degrees Fahrenheit, which is about as hot as most people can tolerate (without suffering pain or injury).

2….It is important to wet hands prior to dispensing soap. This will help activate the soap.

3…Dispense at least a quarter-sized dollop of soap into the palm of your hand.

4….Rub hands together for at least 20 seconds, making certain to scrub up to your elbows. The 20 seconds can be measured by singing “Happy Birthday” to yourself twice.

5….Placing your hands under the running water, rinse off the remaining soap. Be certain to rinse your forearms, up to your elbows.

6….Using a sanitized disposable paper towel, dry your hands completely. Use the same towel to turn off the water.

Nail brush (optional)

Some states require the use of a nail brush after step three.”

—Costa Caloudas